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The Addictions

Have you ever felt like some part of you went on a standstill (or feel “naked”) when your phone battery died? Or when you go out and you left your phone at home, does it feel like it’s vibrating in your pocket all day?

Well.. Do you?

When I forget my phone and disconnected from the Internet

In this modern world, all of us are connected to the Internet and somehow we cannot live without it. It might sound ridiculous but let us ask ourselves, can we go about our lives without using any technology? Even for one day? Emoticon: Thinking

Let’s admit. Technology is EVERYWHERE and we cannot escape. But does that mean all of us are addicts whenever we use them?

What is Internet addiction exactly?

There are many different types of addiction out there, and Internet addiction is no exception. Internet addiction is the most researched form of a technology addiction, but other related addictions have been proposed by scientists. Some have proposed television addiction, while others have proposed cyber sexual addiction, social networking addiction, online gaming addiction, online gambling addiction and online shopping addiction.

Compulsive use is a key part of Internet addiction. An “addict” must overuse the Internet, handphones or other technological devices to be considered abnormal. But, overuse is not the only important part of being addicted to technology nor is it a defining feature of addiction.

An addict also experiences withdrawal, tolerance, interpersonal and health problems and time management problems. Symptoms of withdrawal might include agitation, depression, anger and anxiety when the person is away from technology or computers.

But how do we gauge these experiences when we are dealing with an environment that we all use everyday?

Here, take a test to see whether you are addicted with the Internet. And see how you fare :)

Click Here for Free Internet Addiction Test



The Internet

We see it everyday. We use it everyday. We interact with it everyday. And some of us just can’t live without it. What am I talking about? Well I am talking about the Internet! It has become the norm in our daily life to be connected to it. Be it for scouring the web on where to take our next date to, reading on our favourite celebrity gossip or just finding relevant sources for our next school blog project, the Internet is our go-to place for sourcing information on just about anything.

A Tongue-in-Cheek visualisation of the Internet

However, like the proverbial saying “Too much of a good thing, is a bad thing”, does it apply to the Internet as well? Unfortunately for some individuals, the Internet has brought about the onset of a psychological disorder called Internet Addiction. Despite how useful and positively life changing the introduction of the Internet has brought to us, it has brought certain negative aspects in the modern world. In my subsequent blog postings, I will highlight the main issues of Internet Addiction like types of the addiction, the severity of it, what encompasses internet addiction and my conclusion on how the Internet in general has brought about the negative and positive impact on our society.

In the meantime, do not worry. You can still update your facebook status update or play your favourite online game because I doubt most of you readers are addicts. Or are you? 🙂