The Addicts 1.0

Playing games online is fun and addictive with the high-tech graphics and different genres. Online gaming is a booming industry for game developers. I mean, just look at all the millions of apps available on iTunes and the Android market! This shows that a huge number of users of the technology support these little app games by downloading them on their gadgets. Many of them are willing to spend $ on those games. Lots of $$$.

Keeping abreast with (existing) technology

Look at our phones, tablets or laptops for a second.. I am sure all of us have at least half a dozen online games in them. Even on the tiniest of technologies, online games are there and fun to play with when we take a break from our hectic lifestyle and need something to relax our mind with.

For some, this escape is just a passing fascination—but for others, online games are much more.

Case study 1:

The popular Facebook-centric game Farmville has lead people to lose their jobs and apparently made a mum to shake her baby to death for interrupting her game. In 2010, a 3 month-old baby boy’s mother, 22 year-old Alexandra Tobias, was said to have grown frustrated as her baby would not stop crying and interrupting her online game. She told investigators that she shook the baby, smoked a cigarette to compose herself and then shook him again. Tobias later told an inmate the baby “may have hit his head on the computer during the shaking”.

Gaming.. Farmville.. Addicted.. Murderess.. 50 years in prison..

Case study 2:

The (in)famous RPG – role playing game Diablo III has made an all-time record for fastest-selling PC game. 4 months ago, this game got people queuing and rushing off to buy the game when it was just released and then spent hours hacking and slashing in a dark and fantasy world. Sounds interesting?

Fans queueing at the Funan Mall for Diablo III game 24 hours before launch

This game is so interesting that some people like 18 year-old Chuang in Taiwan went on a self-marathon over the weekend to play the game for 40 straight hours. He booked a private room and played almost two days without stopping to eat. On the Sunday morning, an employee of the café entered the room to check on the man and found him resting on a table. Shortly after being roused, the man collapsed and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital.

Gaming.. Diablo III.. Addicted.. 6-feet under..

So the next time you play an online game, let these cases remind you of how deadly online gaming can be Emoticon: Devil



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