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The Addicts 2.0

Another prominent aspect of Internet addiction is cyber sexual addiction.

Case-study 1:

Simon Hale, a paedophile posed himself online as Justin Bieber and Niall Horan of OneDirection and lured girls between 13-15 years old to perform sex acts on Skype. He tricked those young girls by convincing them that if they took off their clothes they would be able to speak with Bieber and Horan in a chat room.

Police found 35 Skype accounts and and more than 180 homemade videos, mostly of young girls after they tracked him in his home in Portsmouth, England. He was previously imprisoned for 5 years in 2005 for child rape.

Simon Hale blackmailed young girls into posing topless for him and sending him the images

In July 2012, he was finally sentenced indeterminately with a minimum of 10 years with the judge warning he was so dangerous to children that he might never be released.

Case-study 2:

Jonathan Wong, a 23-year old Singaporean Citizen, was a third-year history major in Britain for a scholarship programme offered by Ministry of Education (MOE).

In 2008, the University of York scholar, was caught possessing child pornography videos, containing some girls from as young as six and contents lasting longer than an hour. He served 6 months in Britain’s jail in 2010.

Jonathan Wong committed acts of indecency on a minor

However, after he was released, the former university student came back to his homeland last year and was caught having sex with a minor. He was diagnosed as a paedophile, Wong said his urges would be triggered whenever he looked at pornographic materials or when he got physically or emotionally involved with underaged girls. Wong is now jailed for 5 years in Changi Prison.

So next time be more mindful of who you speak to online.. Could be a pervert or sex offender or just someone who pretends to be a kid..